• ROM 8 Minute Fitness

Guaranteed Workout in Honolulu!

Have you ever spent an hour at your gym and then left feeling like you didn't really get a great workout? At ROM, we guarantee a Full-Body Workout in just 8 Minutes. How can we do this? The ROM Machine features a computer that adjusts the resistance to match your abilities and will increase the resistance as you push back harder. It does this all the while you are working ALL of your upper body muscle groups (then switching to lower body) at the SAME time through their full range of motion in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. Your workout is monitored by the computer and our Heart Rate Monitors so that you can visualize your progress in real time. When you are done you will be trying to catch your breath and you will feel like you just worked out for an hour. This is a common reaction that we get from curious or skeptical people every week. Try us out! We guarantee your sweat and a great workout in just 8 minutes!

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