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Guaranteed Full Body Workout in 8 Min!

With our busy lives, most people think that they don't have the time to workout because they mistakenly believe that it takes an hour to get a full body workout. Don't take us wrong, you can get a great workout in one hour but it doesn't have to take that long. In fact, with High Intensity Interval Training ("HIIT"), you can get a great workout in just minutes a day.

At ROM, we take HIIT to another level. With most HIIT workouts you only work a few muscle groups at a time or its mainly a cardio workout without any resistance. At ROM, you work all of your lower body muscle groups (then upper body) at the same time through their full range of motion in a HIIT session with computerized resistance! The computer adjusts your resistance second by second to match your abilities and it sets a visual "Target Pace" for you to keep up with. All the while you are working out, your workout is tracked with our Myzone Heart Rate Monitors. As long as you keep up with the computer's Target Pace, your heart rate will get into the "zone" and you will get a great workout. You will be quite surprised at the end of 8 minutes. If you don't get into the "zone", then you were not keeping up with the computer. Your workout will be verified by (1) your sweat; (2) your trying to catch your breath; (3) your computer score; and (4) your heart rate score. We guarantee a full-body workout in 8 minutes! We turn skeptics into believers and gym members every week!.

The ROM Machine workout
The upper body ROM workout,

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