"World Class Athletes who have used the ROM and a direct result of their use from the ROM was a medal, World Championship Medals and Olympic Medals."

"The ROM has also been an integral part of the overall medal count for the United States of America."

"Pro athletes use of the ROM has lowered body fat from 23% to 16% and 12% to 5.2%."

Anyone can ROM because the ROM's computer adjusts the resistance to your fitness level and ability.

"Its about an hour after my 4 minute upper body workout and 4 minute lower body workout , ,,that thing kicked my butt and an hour later I feel like I just climbed the Manitou Incline."

Thom Lobe, MD "highly" recommends the ROM to his patients.

Reviews on the ROM Machine

"So I went from like 17% body fat to about 9% within those 6 weeks of just adding the ROM Machine to my program . . . . . . . What did this machine do to me that the conventional way of training was not able to give me?"

Brian Garcia, Personal Trainer

"World Class Athletes who have used the ROM and a direct result of their use from the ROM was a Medal.  World Championship Medals and Olympic Medals come from World Class Athletes who have used the ROM as an integral part of their training . . . Use of the ROM have brought their body fat down from 23% to 16% and in some cases it has been 12% down to 5.2% . . . its all because of the ROM."

Cedric Hill, Pro Sports Track & Field Coach

"Before the ROM Machine, I was an average rower; I could row a top 10 level and with the ROM Machine I have been now several times Dutch Champion and even European Champion as a consequence to ROM Machine. So the ROM in general helps to boost up your performance and for me it brought medals."

Boris Sala, Health Club Owner, Personal Trainer.

"I think it made the difference in my track career. I know before I started getting on the Rom, I was probably below average athlete and once i  started getting on the ROM it made the difference in my sprinting.  I do the 100 and the 200 and my times dropped drastically, um maybe half a second or more. I know that it helped me with my cardio being able to also do the 4 by 400 which is a relay where you run a lap, so that helped me with my cardio being able to get around the track. I think the actual mechanics of the ROM, so the back part where your legs are it kinds of like stairs where you’re pushing down I think that helped with my power and it translated over to the track so I think it made the difference in my track career."

Yamin Woodruff, 100/200 meter Panamanian National champion


"You know in track we do intervals, an interval session can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, I can do that same session in training the energy system for the activity on the ROM in less than 5 minutes."

Cedric Hill, Pro Sports Track & Field Coach 

"As a world class athlete I will endorse the ROM that's why I have one of my own. It allows me to workout without being on the track. Its a big key in my base."

April Panteau, 400 meter All-American/Olympian

"I have 2 or 3 triathlon people who would say that this is the best cardio system on the planet and when they get ready to do a triathlon they come here and use it.

Gene Barduson, Founder, La Jolla Wellness Studio

"It wasn't until last March, March of 2015, that I was given a proposal. The proposal was in exchange for me using this machine 4 minutes a day, 6 days a week and taking a full blood test, C-Panel its called, that I would be able to use this machine for one month. So I did the before and after and I said like you probably said "what the heck is gonna happen after only 1 month of only 4 minutes a day?" Here's what happened; I had high cholesterol, triglycerides and was pre-diabetic. Took the test March 27, took it again, the second test April 25.  I dropped 91 points on my triglycerides, 51 points on my cholesterol and I went from pre-diabetic to normal blood sugar without changing my diet a bit."

Patrick Netter, The Gear Guru, Exercise Equipment Expert

"It’s the Lexus of exercise machines . . . It not only looks good, it actually works.”

Christopher Ruddy, Editor of NewsMax Magazine & CEO of NewsMax Media, on the ROM Machine.


“I want my patients to have the best.  I want my patients to have what I have, so in my practice we recommend this highly.”

Thom Lobe, M.D.  on The Doctors TV Show


“As a physician specializing in optimizing wellness the ROM remains my favorite piece of fitness equipment to assist my patients with achieving their highest level of health.”

Sean O’Mara, MD

On January 2, 2014, David Meltzer, M.D., a physician and economist from the University of Chicago and co-author of “The Economics of Intense Exercise” recommended the ROM Machine on the Freakonomics Radio Podcast “What’s the Best Exercise?” 

David Meltzer, M.D. 

“Just like everyone else, I was skeptical when I first heard about the ROM. However, this is the most effective workout machine I have reviewed . . . and regularly use.”

Patrick Netter, The Gear Guru, Exercise Equipment Expert

The ROM has been awarded the The Best of What’s New in Recreation Award by Popular Science Magazine