ROM 8 Minute Fitness is one of just a handful of gyms in the world that offers the ROM for public use. 


The ROM Machine is a full body cross-trainer that works all of your major muscle groups through their full range of motion in a high intensity low impact workout building muscle, cardio & flexibility.


The ROM is Physician Recommended and Trained on by Olympians. However, anyone can workout on the ROM because its computer adjusts the resistance second by second to match your fitness level ensuring that you get a full and proper workout.  Most traditional exercise equipment, such as treadmills and stationary bikes, exercise only a small percentage of the body’s muscle groups at a time. During a typical treadmill workout, only a very limited range of motion is utilized for these muscle groups. The result: less than 5% of your muscle cells are being stimulated to burn calories which is not efficient. With the ROM, you stretch and work 55% of your muscles through a full range of motion. This stimulates them to continue burning calories even hours later. You gain more total aerobic benefit over the course of a day from four minutes of exercise than you would from a full hour of treadmill walking. Try the ROM for free at our Honolulu gyms.

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The ROM (Range of Motion Machine)

The 4 Minute Lower Body ROM Workout with Full Range of Motion
The Rom Upper & Lower Body Workout
The Lower Body ROM Workout
Bench Press into a Crunch
Pulling Back - Upper Body
The Lower Body ROM Workout
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