Whole Body Vibration

Our Whole Body Vibration Machines also enable our members to get fit in just minutes a day.   You can literally get an amazing workout in just 8 minutes a day on our WBV machines.  Clinical studies have shown that WBV Machine exercise improves muscle strength, toning, blood circulation and bone density.  It also helps you to burn calories and lose weight, improve balance, and can even increase your vertical jump height.  WBV is also a low impact exercise and is fully adjustable as you control the level of vibration.


Our members love whole body vibration.  You have to try it to appreciate its benefits.  In the first 30 seconds, you will realize that the machine is working your muscles and all you are doing is holding different positions isolating different muscles for 30 seconds at a time. Try our WBV machines at our Honolulu gyms.

Vibration Mountain Climbers with your muscles firing fast and furious resulting in an awesome turbo charged workout!